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Trust unfolds at it’s own pace

I visited with my counselor on Monday about horses. She is a horse owner herself and also does equine assisted therapy (but not with me) and these two factors were part of why I choose her over a year ago … Continue reading

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Pretty is as Pretty does

Sunday I had a rough day with Dante. We were back to lunging in his cavesson and he was also back to throwing a fit. Specifically, when asked to trot from a walk, he gave a buck and resistance and … Continue reading

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Another training to-do list

Sometimes, let’s face it most times, my training calendar gets thrown off. Today, is the first day of sunshine in almost a week. And it looks like next week we are going to go back to rain. A problem I’m … Continue reading

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Playing with a ball – clicker training

Teaching a horse to roll or play with a ball is an easy thing to do with clicker training. It’s a variation of Touching Target, but can become a game you play together, kicking the ball at each other to … Continue reading

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Implementing a training schedule (part 3)

Well, those recent posts were all well and good but how are you going to do this day to day? How do you even make this plan of Friendship-Liberty-Traditional? The first thing I do is create a list of what … Continue reading

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