Horse helper hired

I’ve been thinking of hiring someone to help me feed the horses for some time. Over 10 years I’ve been in self care situations, where day in an day out, I was feeding. It wears you out. The drive alone is a round trip of an hour and that is if I only if go out once a day.

I’ve not been motivated to work Dante and I think part of that reason is being worn down with the 24.7 responsibility. By the time I drive (which I have other errands throughout the day which are also wearing me out – but I am looking at other options for that too), feed and wait for Dante to finish, I’m either bored or needing to leave for the next errand.

I posted an ad on CL (the only respondents didn’t wow me), ads at the local feed stores, and finally on a FB group. The FB group got me a response from someone that lives within 3 miles of the barn and who is horse experienced.

So today is the first day which I’ve had off from feeding AND no husband and kids (all are off for a day and overnight event).

Golly, what to do first??

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