Cantering and leg lifts!

I had to rush back to the barn around 3 p.m. A severe thunderstorm with hail and lightening is predicted all through the night so I went back to take down the electric tape so the ponies could access the big run in shed (Dante will share).

When I got there, Dante saw me and came cantering from the pasture to greet me! woohoo! Not the first time he has done this but it was great to see him moving so well. He also rarely canters so love seeing him with this energy!

Also, this morning I started him on leg lifts and he got it figured out! When I went back we did a few more and he had definitely figured out what I was asking! double woo!

Okay enough already…. PS you should be able to comment now on blog posts. If it is your first time it will have to ‘await” approval (this way I cut down on spam).

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