Dante’s vet visit: x-rays


X-rays today on the stifles and hocks for Dante. Some pretty good news considering.

First the hocks, they look really good. Some aging but overall an A+. This rather surprised me because considering his age 16+ I would have expected more changes and some damage. Having such nice bone structure was probably due to the fact he wasn’t worked for years. Lucky me and him!

Next, the important part — the stifles. Left stifle is a B+ but the Right which had gotten damaged is showing some arthritic change in the bone. So Adequan and joint injections (the later 1-2x a year) will be in order. However, the best news is nothing operable in there like a cyst.

Overall, he’s ready to get back to work and will always have some issues with that right stifle which I need to manage through proper rehab, diet and etc… Good thing for him that I know all about rehabbing a horse đŸ˜‰

She’ll be back again in two more weeks to conduct tests on both ponies for Cushings and Insulin Resistance (which I expect it will come back positive for both). This is a free medical trial going on and I got two of her last three slots, so that work will be free! 

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