Trust unfolds at it’s own pace


I visited with my counselor on Monday about horses. She is a horse owner herself and also does equine assisted therapy (but not with me) and these two factors were part of why I choose her over a year ago to help me deal with my depression.

After that visit, which was revealing and sad, I saw this quote on the Instagram account of @onehorselife_official (her website)

Trust is built like a water slowly dropping into the cup – the cup will be full, you do not have to worry about it, and your horse will trust you and you will be able to do everything together.

The question is only: “When?” – normally people push themselves to do the things with their horses that they are not ready for, but when you are not ready for something it means that your horse is not ready either. And then it’s like you go for a run with your cup half-full – it’s certain that you will spill some of the water running, and the cup will be only 1/4 full or 1/3 full after your run.

When you advance only as much as you are ready for and feel comfortable for – it’s like you keep your cup steady under the tap from which the water drips constantly – the cup will be more full at the end of every exercise than when you started, and this should be your goal now 🙂

It doesn’t mean that you cannot go and have some new adventures with your horse, it means that you allow yourself to return to the safe place whenever you feel that you start to run with your cup instead of observing it being filled with water.

Life is very simple, do not complicate it.
It’s enough to enjoy it

Not going to add anything more as it is beautiful enough.

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