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Dante Centerfold take 2

Here are some photos that show more of the same stance but differences (more then color) can still be found:

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Dante Centerfold

Dante has been on the Horse Tech Black 3 now for two weeks and his winter coat has finally mostly shed out (just a touch of red under his belly). The question is will he stay black through the summer? … Continue reading

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Working towards Panther Walk, moving leg lifts forward

It’s been really exciting to follow¬†@intrinzen (on Instagram)¬†as their philosophy closely matches mine (more then any trainer I’ve ever reviewed) and has been a lot of what I’ve personally been striving towards but without having as clear or developed a … Continue reading

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Teaching the Horse to Lift a Leg

One of the things I’ve been working on with Dante is Leg Lifts. This isn’t about lifting a hoof to have it picked out or for farrier work (although you could use it for that) but lifting a foreleg higher … Continue reading

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If Hitler likes -R you might want to change your mind

If you’ve been around the horse training world for over 2 decades listening to the Natural Horsemanship trainers Medicine Show and you know how much of it is actually bullshit you will find this Hitler Rant Parody very funny because … Continue reading

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