Dante’s Supplement update and worming

I’ve been horrible about the horse’s worming schedule. Today, I fed the ponies a feed through wormer as they can both be difficult to paste worm and this is very easy on them. I probably will end up switching them to feed through Strongid just to keep them in better health now that I can isolate them during feeding.

The big surprise was Dante was extremely resistant to having his paste wormer! We did it last year and I don’t remember him being this way but it’s par for the course since he doesn’t like having his nose messed with.

I decided to cap the tube and just played with touching his nose and then click-reward when he was quiet. However, this puts a wrinkle in things so I might also go with feed-thru Strongid for him though it’s another cost that I really didn’t want to do. 😦

I did make a Worming Chart and laminated it. It’s in the bin with the womers and I check off what I’ve done with a dry erase marker.

Dante’s current supplements:

I was feeding Omega Horseshine, a flax seed brand, but I never seem to get the results other people do with this 😦 So I’ve started Black 3 by Horse Tech today. This provides additional Zinc and Copper (but would not be enough on its own), as well as Biotin in a Flax seed mix. The Paprika is what darkens the coat.

Let’s talk about coat – this is due to diet, not sun. For example, Kansas and Oklahoma get the same amount of sun but he was a rich black in Kansas. Within a month here, he became a bay (or bleached out).

The reason is the soil here in Oklahoma – it is heavy, very heavy in Iron. This puts the Copper and Zinc out of balance because the Iron binds these two minerals – so thus high iron? you have to increase the Copper and Zinc to compensate. I’ve done that for months and I’m still not seeing the changes I want in his coat, so I’ll try this route.

ALCAR (16 to 20 g by weight) I’ve found different suppliers have different weights on their ALCAR product even though it says 100% ALCAR is the ingredient. Weigh first and then find the measure that fits the weight needed.

This is his PSSM supplement that helps his muscles convert energy in a better way so he can be comfortable when working. It is the most important of all the supplements he receives and he needs it every day.

Copper and Zinc (1500 mg and 600 mg, based on our local hay). After the hay got tested, it showed a super high iron amount. Copper and Zinc effect coat color (it is why his blacks went red) and hoof growth too. Since the amount is so much more, I’ve had to discontinue California Trace (I did finish the bag) and switch to Copper and Zinc pellets that I could measure.

Vitamin E (10,000 IU in winter, 5,000 in summer) When a horse doesn’t have access to fresh grass, access to vitamin E pluments. This amount is also increased for his PSSM.

Magnesium (Oxide) (16 g) This product also helps with the production of energy in the body.

Iodized Table Salt and Ocean K (1/4 cup to 5 g) supports the thyroid and hormonal/metabolism structures.

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