Horse notes to self


I’m going to start this new thing where a few times a month I’ll jot down some things that have struck me about the training process that I want to remember but don’t really call for an entire blog post about it:

tinycarrot  I always push too much, trying “one more time” because that is my personality – it’s also how we’ve been taught in sports (push past the limits!). But I’m seeing that I’m getting better at stopping when the horse is still interested, leaving him wanting more, and finding a good place to end.

tinycarrot  Personally, I prefer working tackless (probably because I’m lazy) but I need to remember to put Dante into a halter or a cavesson right from the start. He has associated the bridling to work and I need to change that narrative in his head to something more positive.

tinycarrot  Just started getting him to touch the fly mask – another thing that I would have expected him to be okay with and he is decidedly NOT. Remember, don’t push it! Let him get more familiar with it.

tinycarrot  He’s far more willing to be active in the evening but I go out in the morning. I’ll have to think on this and how it would fit into my schedule. Perhaps when it gets super hot here in the summer I’ll do that so I can hose him off.

tinycarrot  Winter coat is almost all shed off but he still has too much for my liking. What is coming in underneath though is black and he’s got some shine so maybe finally all these supplements are working. Definitely he seems to prefer the taste of Horse Tech Black 3 to the Horseshine flax seed.

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