Dante Centerfold

Dante has been on the Horse Tech Black 3 now for two weeks and his winter coat has finally mostly shed out (just a touch of red under his belly). The question is will he stay black through the summer? BTW that shine is only due to feed and brushing – no shampoo, spray or Photoshop.

But the biggest issue here is the lost of topline ;( ARGH. However, one thing I do like is that his muscles are not as hard as they were when he first showed up. When I saw him in Kansas, the muscles on his upper forelegs and gaskin areas were almost clown-like, like Popeye.

This might have been due to 1.) his PSSM 1 which affects muscle tone and 2.) that he was being worked regularly by a trainer (though she said she had only had him under training for less then 3 weeks and then not every day). I’m sure he was in better shape with her since he was on a workout program and here he is on a more relaxed schedule.

Well, whatever reason, I like how he is looking here except for the back – that has to be our number 1 priority!


May 29, 2017


July 2017


May 29, 2017


July 2016

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2 Responses to Dante Centerfold

  1. Wow, the difference in color is striking! I also see a brighter, more interested horse in the current photos. Although you can’t see his eye as well, his head is up and looking at the camera. In the July photos he looks kind of sad and down and perhaps in pain? You’ve done a great job bringing him back!

    • Hi Cari – yes I agree – the 2016 pic he is spread out with his legs and his balance. He also looks a mite more grumpy 😉 the newer photo he just looks more balanced to me – more under himself which makes him look more powerful despite the loss of topline. Husband thought his neck and rump looked better. The biggest difference which I am not happy with is the back. He definitely has lost muscle tone there and I think that is due to the stifle injury and too much time off. I hope I can regain that this year.

      I definitely think he is much happier! He gets tons of daily attention, treats, grooming and doesn’t have to fight for his food like his old home.

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