Dulce’s Dental


Dulce got her dental today and the damage to my pocket book wasn’t too bad – under $200. She had a lot of hooks and two teeth just fell out and one is still wobbly but she should have a much better bite right now.

Got a tetanus shot, some Banamine, and a course of antibiotic. I’m to keep an eye on her and see if she gets diarrhea because of her health and Cushings this could happen. It looks like she may have more health issues (the vet commented on how pale her gums were) but we will just manage the best we can for her.

Dulce is a companion pet and she will live out her life with me whatever life she has and that is far more then the home she had from the people who inbred her to be the hot mess she is. The poor little thing continues to be shy but at least I can sit by her when she eats now and with the new stable-fence set up, I can separate her to feed so she doesn’t get harassed by Dancer too much.

Meanwhile, the vet looked at Dancer’s mouth (scheduled her a dental next month) and while she is a good 10 years + on Dulce, due to her superior genetics still has most of her teeth and has far better health (despite off the chart Cushing readings) then the younger geriatric pony.

So I have my own personal dental hell next month with two crowns over back molars and Dancer will get her July dental. Starting in August, I will start through all the home pets (3 cats, 2 dogs) with dentals and health exams. When I was working for vets, I got these at big discounts but that was 2 years ago so I need to get them back in and on a schedule.

Both kids will get updated routine dentals in August before returning to college. Next year the youngest will go into Invisalign.

Again, caring for the animals and our own health can now be done because our financial improvements (better job for husband, raises and bonuses, removing debt from our monthly budget and watching our spending) as well as buying a better medical and dental plan for ourselves. None of this would have been possible financially for us 3 years ago.

Life is improving and I am especially glad that I can provide the care that my horse and ponies really need. How much can be done for Dulce is rather doubtful, but a good home with routine medical care can be done at the very least.

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