Dealing with realities

I’m starting to have that overwhelmed, hopeless feeling again. Last week I ended up being sick and after a trip to the urgent care discovered I had walking pneumonia. That put me down and out for about 8 days and I know that after coming back from respiratory issues it is easy to feel depressed so I’m trying to remember that.

After Dulce’s dental and getting some of her body hair trimmed off, it really showed how she has become a rack of bones due to the Cushings. I’ve known for some time she was losing too much weight because Dancer is dominant. After the fencework got done, I’ve been separating her to feed and giving her more but it just hasn’t been enough so I’ve put her on a Senior Feed and Weight gain supplement.

She’s on her Cushing Pergolide loading dose, a 7 day course of antibiotics and a couple of days of bute. Today, her eyes had gone back to being gunked up and I’ve put her back on her eye ointment.

I suspect due to the eyes, the mouth, and the fact she occasionally foams when she eats or slobbers, she has some real deep health issues that are going to shorten her life significantly. Right now, that hopelessness feeling is because I want to help her and don’t know what more I can do, or even if there is a way to help her (because I suspect incestuous genetics has caused some malformations that cannot be corrected).

So I’m on a “wait-and-see” – hoping the dental makes her a lot more comfortable and that the Pergolide gives her a better chance of gaining weight.

Next, I don’t know that I really have Dante’s PSSM under control. He never or very rarely shows any desire to move other then an ambling walk. There is no play in him. So I’m wondering what, if anything, I can do here?

There’s some equipment I want to buy for him to help on his rehab but that has to wait because of $$. The heat is starting to grow oppressive and my ability to deal with being outdoors in over 95 degree weather is lessening.

ARGH. Horses. ARGH.

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2 Responses to Dealing with realities

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the walking pneumonia! I struggled with that last year and it took me out for a good two months (coughing and lack of energy, mainly). It’s tough to get over! Sorry to hear also about your horses’ health issues. Luckily my own have been pretty healthy. And yes – the heat! The older I get the harder it is to work outside for me, too! And arthritis in my hands and knees… I hate the set-backs that pop up like your horse being ill, the weather not cooperating, the barn not being cleaned up, having to work overtime because once again we are short handed and it takes too long to hire people…blah! I empathize with you, completely!

    I did manage to get out and did the leading exercise from Hempfling. On the older gelding it didn’t seem to affect him at the time, but I’ve noticed changes in his behavior towards me ( allowing me to rub his head for the first time!) . With my younger mare it really went well, both the exercise and the afterwards. Been studying the body language aspect and being careful about my own body – practicing with the dog (the same thing applies to them about how you carry yourself).
    Wishing you and your horses the best of health soon!

    • I’m doing better! Getting sick is no fun and when I get my schedule changed like that I get grumpy.

      That’s great news actually about your horses. The older guys have been so indoctrinated that it takes them longer to wake up to the new way of thinking. Keep up the good work!

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