Pergolide dosage for Cushings

Tomorrow both ponies go to full dosage on their Cushing’s medication, Prascend. I did a “loading” dose at half the prescription to hopefully avoid the Pergolide Veil (a kind of zoning out that horses on this medication can experience; see side effects here). Both ponies are interested in food and their environment; so far so good.

Dulce’s alertness level has increased each day since she had her dental. She seems totally comfortable with her mouth now and has one more day of her antibiotic. While the haircut looks horrible and she is still way too thin, she seems to be slowly gaining weight back now that I’m feeding her equine senior.

Dancer ended up being tender on her back feet; I’m thinking this was due to loss of frog because of thrush (we had some unexpected, long days of rain). She also seems to be better today and is alert and interested in things.


The mysterious stench at the barn has vanished.

There was a horrid smell as you walked out to the pasture gate. It was intense – and more of a sewage like stench then a something dead smell. This smell though has been consistent for at least a month or two.

At the time I put it down to our next door neighbor whose owner was not cleaning up her horse’s poop. The horse came to the barn with some sort of really horrible skin condition and underfed. When she pooped, it was more like cow patty stench.

However, the person renting the house portion of the barn has left (YAYYAYAYAYAY!) and two days later the smell was gone too. So I don’t know if he had left trash in the barn….? Seems to me to be too much of a coincidence but the barn owner has re-rented the property and says he doesn’t know of any smell when he cleaned the house (or was he lying? Because he looked away when saying that to me and didn’t pursue asking me about it).

Another possibility was that Dulce’s mouth was causing the smell but that isn’t where she is kept and I’ve been close to her and didn’t smell it. The vet also didn’t mention a smell when she worked on Dulce’s mouth (and I was nearby so I would have smelt it if it was rot in her mouth you would think?). But she has been on antibiotics so if it was her, then after four days whatever was causing it, cleared up.

Whatever it is – it has mysteriously vanished from the ether.

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