Dulce continues her decline

Dulce continues to not gain weight. She has me very worried at this point.

I tried Equine Senior and she refused to eat it. So I stopped her Pergolide (which can suppress appetite) and went back to Grostrong 13 (which she will eat) and doubled the amount of food. After 3 weeks of that, I tried to get her to eat some Equine Senior mixed with her Grostrong 13, yesterday and today and she again turned up her nose.

She does not like it!

I’ve tried other fat supplements and she won’t eat them either.

As of today, I’ve increased her food amount again. I’ve also let her be under the fan in the barn but she prefers the shade tree.

The vet comes out Friday to do Dancer’s dental and I’m going to speak to her about Dulce again. Last time she was here, she thought Dulce probably had other health issues – such as her foaming at the mouth (a lot) right before she is fed or when she gets nervous.

Other then looking like a skeleton, she is chipper, is bright and alert, desires to eat (just not Equine Senior), and actually has a shiny coat (WTF??) so I’m at wit’s end right now and will see if the doctor has any recommendations.


For the rest of us it is HOT HOT HOT. I’m giving Dante hose downs when I can but he still will only use the fan in the stall occasionally and prefers to hang out under the tree or in the pasture eating grass.

Work has stalled due to some very rainy days, too much heat and me injuring my back. Typically, this heat keeps going up until we get through mid August when we should start seeing some breaks in the weather.

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