The last four months have been difficult for various reasons and I see I haven’t been very good about updating here so let me do some news on everyone:

Dulce: it took a while but she slowly gained weight back. It’s been a struggle. I tried several different equine senior feeds (which she all refused) and then she decided she would eat a Mare and Foal feed (high fat) until she decided one day she wouldn’t eat that either, so we are back to the Grostrong 13.

Her winter coat is in so she looks much larger then she really is. Come spring we shall see but I am trying to keep a feel of her ribs to know how she is doing.

I’ve left her halter on as there is no easy way to catch her when needed for hoof trimmings and while I’ve used clicker training, whatever her life was in her past has left deep, emotional scars.

Dancer: About two weeks ago I realized that one day, probably sooner then I want, I’ll have to say goodbye to my dear little pony. We continue to struggle with her feet and I realized that with the Cushing’s diagnosis one day it will simply catch up to her.

Mood and attitude on both ponies is very good. For Dancer, I’m going to try another grazing muzzle (though she has escaped them in the past) and buy her some hoof boots for the front feet in hopes of getting her more active.

Dante: I’m still not doing much with him. This is a major problem. Either I need to start doing something or find him another home.


For the last three months I’ve been struggling with the idea of should I stay boarding where I am – and if so, how to solve the problem of horses getting fed. This plays into not working Dante, because I have to wait until he’s finished eating to work him and that means staying out there longer (doing nothing) then I want to do.

Or move Dante to a full care boarding facility? If I choose this option, then I lose my privacy (which I value highly) and lose control over how I want his life managed (i.e. less pasture time, more stall time, more expenses, nosy neighbors etc…).

I did hire a feeder but she doesn’t live on the property and I could never afford her (at $20 per day) to feed everyday. I did visit another facility that offers an option for feeding at $7 a day in addition to your boarding fee but it also has an arena and a roundpen. The problem is no vacancies and some other issues (which I won’t go into here).

So I bit the bullet and asked my neighbor if he would feed at a rate of $50 a week (on top of my $140 pasture fee for Dante) = $340 less the cost of hay and feed. With ponies this brings up my boarding fees to $420. Hay, feed and supplements will be on top of this.

He starts to feed Dec. 1st and I’ll give myself 3 months to see if I will be more interactive with Dante. If not, in the spring, I’ll send him to a trainer and arrange for him to be re-homed.


What I don’t go into here with my blog is my mental struggles which I really don’t want to discuss here anyway. About a month ago we decided to euthanize our senior dog due to major loss of quality of life. Three weeks later the other dog went in for some surgery. I do run a small shop over on Etsy and I’m in a quandary whether I should grow it more (it has a limit as to what it could do) or go ahead and start thinking of closing it down.

I’m trying to decide what to do with my time and life. Especially as we look towards selling the house in two years and begin a life of travel to find a retirement location. There’s a lot of re-shuffling of priorities.

Life seems to get in the way and I’ve been with horses in some way or another a long time. I’m trying to keep things open ended on my horse decision but some sort of decision needs to be made next spring for Dante’s future.

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