Dancer retired to a new home

A month after Dulce’s passing, I started worrying about the final outcome of the horses. The place where they have stayed for 5 years is up for sale. What would I do if it sold? Especially for my remaining mini-pony, Dancer, as finding boarding accommodations for ponies is extremely difficult (I’ve already looked and was told by several people I would have to pay full “horse” price for her even though all she eats is 1 flake of hay a day, wouldn’t be in a stall, and only needs a dry lot!).

Luckily, a business friend has a farm and invited Dancer to come out and be her miniature horse’s companion. All that fell into place in September and we moved her, without drama, to where I am hoping will be her final retirement.

Her new place is a true dry lot so that will be better for Dancer’s health. It has shelter so I won’t have to worry late at night when a storm blows in that I didn’t lock Dante up so Dancer could share his shelter. The owner has already agreed to bury her on the property if/when the final days come so that is also a relief.

I’ve put her on a schedule to be trimmed every 3 weeks as husband is still doing her feet. The farrier that the friend uses I’m not impressed by and Dancer has special feet concerns from having foundered before and with her Cushings disease.

She and the little mini are already best of friends. Dancer has bonded with her in a way she never bonded with Dulce and the miniature is very happy to have a true horse as a companion instead of her former donkey companions.

Fingers crossed that this all continues!

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