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Barn design: Drainage problems in the stalls

What is wrong with this interior stall¬†photo? The slope runs downhill INTO the barn! So guess where the rain goes? Into the stall and into the barn’s aisle. Guess what the horses are standing in? Mud. If this were my … Continue reading

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Battling thrush and trimming frogs

One reason that Pandora is up in the stall area is because we are still battling hoof issues with her. The actual hooves are looking much better but with the wet, the frogs have gotten thrush. I have a video … Continue reading

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More barn changes: Dutch door on the north side

One of the winterizing changes we’ve made to the barn is to the north door. The original door so heavy that one person couldn’t open it! The timbers were of rough sawn, oak and because it also hung crooked with … Continue reading

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Barn design: Hay room

You may remember that we have been renovating the barn – “winterizing” it as best as I can due to finances and being a rental. We decided not to add in additional stalls on the west side but to just … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to you all!

Once again the Christmas season comes upon me like a Tsunami. Hm… First off Merry Christmas to you all! To update you briefly on what is happening, we did get another pony. Now named Dulce ¬†(de Leche). She is as … Continue reading

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Candy (now Dulce) has arrived!

The new pony arrived Saturday, delivered by her owner! Although her primary purpose is to serve as a companion to Pandora, she will also be exposed to my training program. That’s always true of every horse that comes to me … Continue reading

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Riding Z myself

My earlier post about riding Z got deleted by accident – user error on that one. Thanks Kathy and Julian for your supportive comments. As readers know, Z went to the trainer last year for 120 days and then back … Continue reading

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