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My general thoughts on a theme written to help the reader or provoke discussion and views on horse subjects we all commonly encounter.

If Hitler likes -R you might want to change your mind

If you’ve been around the horse training world for over 2 decades listening to the Natural Horsemanship trainers Medicine Show and you know how much of it is actually bullshit you will find this Hitler Rant Parody very funny because … Continue reading

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It’s about a Brush…

Over the decades, I’ve discarded, lost or gave away horse equipment and tack. As my life changed and I felt more hopeless and sad (i.e. the death of Pepper, the problems with Z, the choice of euthanasia for Tristan), I pulled … Continue reading

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Playing Horse Ball, leveling up

I posted last month about introducing a large beach ball to the ponies and to Dante. The goal is to get them to free play by moving, kicking and chasing the ball. Benefits: Physically, the horse is determining the pace … Continue reading

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Catching horses in the field

Here I will give three examples of different horses; all had a degree of disengagement with humans, from mild to severe. Dante – Morgan-Draft X was only ridden occasionally and was plucked out of field to be the grand kids … Continue reading

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Trust unfolds at it’s own pace

I visited with my counselor on Monday about horses. She is a horse owner herself and also does equine assisted therapy (but not with me) and these two factors were part of why I choose her over a year ago … Continue reading

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Designing a training schedule (part 2)

I think my breakthrough came when I was thinking of percentages – how much time would I be spending on certain activities – and how Dante would arrange the chart if he was putting it together. Considering the recommendations for … Continue reading

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The many reasons for a smile (or licking)

Have you ever smiled to “be polite?” or smiled with your lips closed and your molars grinding? Smiled and laughed when your feelings were hurt by the joke? Smiles aren’t always about fun and joy and neither is a horse … Continue reading

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