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Playing Horse Ball, leveling up

I posted last month about introducing a large beach ball to the ponies and to Dante. The goal is to get them to free play by moving, kicking and chasing the ball. Benefits: Physically, the horse is determining the pace … Continue reading

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Designing a training schedule (part 2)

I think my breakthrough came when I was thinking of percentages – how much time would I be spending on certain activities – and how Dante would arrange the chart if he was putting it together. Considering the recommendations for … Continue reading

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Dante Catching the Tiger

This game has several different names, but the one I learned it under was “Catch the Tiger” from the Art of Natural Dressage forum boards. In the game, the horse is to touch, follow and then play with trying to … Continue reading

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Time to leave the Pity Party

I’ve been thinking over some things and thought I would clarify them here in a blog post about training Dante. I’ve been struggling with Dante and that is because I bought him with expectations of A and instead have ended … Continue reading

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Free Play vs. Equipment Work

Before Dante was injured and work halted, I had noticed a big difference in his attitude when we did clicker training with a target and NO halter/cavesson on him, VS. when I did the same work with clicker and target, … Continue reading

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