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May contain sweet and sour: my views on Big Name Trainers and people who follow them.

If Hitler likes -R you might want to change your mind

If you’ve been around the horse training world for over 2 decades listening to the Natural Horsemanship trainers Medicine Show and you know how much of it is actually bullshit you will find this Hitler Rant Parody very funny because … Continue reading

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Why horse trainer traditionalists resist Clicker Training

I’ve been doing clicker training with my horses for over 10 years and during that time I’ve dealt with a lot of resistance from horse trainers and riders both in person (at various barns) and online to this method of … Continue reading

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Thanks but no thanks

People are trouble. It’s why I have a policy of non-involvement with people at the barn and their horse issues. That policy was bent when I agreed to help R with her horse (we shall call Spotty) who arrived at … Continue reading

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Lessons in Relaxation

One reason I journal or blog is to keep records of my thoughts and training as it progresses with the horses. In swiffering the journal recently, I had the opportunity to really contemplate Z’s history and the progress she has … Continue reading

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Relaxed Thoughts

Let’s return to Z. She got most of the summer off due to heat and then she was moved up to Missouri. Not having to board her is WONDERFUL!! In the horse management world everything has gone along very well. … Continue reading

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