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as related to physical structures that house the horse such as run-in sheds, stalls, barns, and even just an overview of stable management and facilities.

The real cost of self care boarding

I’ve been in self care boarding for over 8 years or there about. Only when we lived in Missouri for a year were the horses on my own property – in all other situations I had to drive out (30 … Continue reading

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Gravel screenings for better drainage around the Loafing Shed

When I moved to my current location 3+ years ago I paid for several improvements – one of those was adding gravel screenings inside my loafing shed and around the run off area. The 12 x 12 Loafing Shed was … Continue reading

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Tips on when you have to invest in a (temp) horse property

Let’s talk serious, for the entrapment, we’re gonna ask you for 4 big ones $4,000 for that, but we are having a special this week on proton charging, and storage of the beast, so we are gonna ask for $1,000. … Continue reading

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Choosing a stable for you and your horse

Choosing a stable seems to be a pretty obvious endeavor but I’d like to give my two cents. No stable will be perfect. And no stable will fit all your needs. You’ll have to give up some things to get others … Continue reading

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Barn design: My L-shaped dream barn

I had posted previously that I would most likely go with an L-shaped barn. Here is a to-scale plan and some thoughts on it: TACK ROOM: The 8′ x 16′ tack room is the north/NW wall. Those corner walls will be heavily … Continue reading

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