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Buckets, caveletti, ground poles, jumps, cinder blocks and other stuff we seem to collect as horse owners. Tack is under a different category.

Pretty is as Pretty does

Sunday I had a rough day with Dante. We were back to lunging in his cavesson and he was also back to throwing a fit. Specifically, when asked to trot from a walk, he gave a buck and resistance and … Continue reading

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Horse Hack: Shortening Lunge Lines

I bought this lungeline from Jeffers and I really like it! It is has a soft feel in the hand which is really nice. It’s rather hard to describe but definitely I like it better then the other flat lines … Continue reading

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Dante’s Cavesson ordered for lunging and in-hand work

I’ve ordered Dante a Cavesson in black leather with brass fittings that will fit his massive head! This one has a leather nosepiece instead of the metal type more commonly found which makes me feel more comfortable about using it. … Continue reading

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Equipment I use (and why and when)

I’m a bit late posting this but life has gotten a hold of me this week. Halter: I prefer a traditional halter. I use a halter in my leading exercises and obviously to do work around the horse such as … Continue reading

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Equipment Explanations

Rugby Player, the young man I’ve convinced to be the cannon fodder (i.e. ride Z) comes from a Cowboy background. That is okay because he is willing to do it my way even though he would, personally and left to … Continue reading

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