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Current feeds are Triple Crown Lite (a low starch product) and Triple Crown Senior

Dulce continues her decline

Dulce continues to not gain weight. She has me very worried at this point. I tried Equine Senior and she refused to eat it. So I stopped her Pergolide (which can suppress appetite) and went back to Grostrong 13 (which … Continue reading

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Dante’s Supplement update and worming

I’ve been horrible about the horse’s worming schedule. Today, I fed the ponies a feed through wormer as they can both be difficult to paste worm and this is very easy on them. I probably will end up switching them … Continue reading

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Horse helper hired

I’ve been thinking of hiring someone to help me feed the horses for some time. Over 10 years I’ve been in self care situations, where day in an day out, I was feeding. It wears you out. The drive alone … Continue reading

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Updated feed and supplements

Some more changes to feed and supplements as I continue to refine things for Dante especially as I got the hay testing finished. I’ve removed the Grostrong 13 from his diet because it doesn’t really provide him anything that I’m … Continue reading

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Hay testing results back

I finally got my hay tests results back and discussed it with the Uckele rep. There weren’t any real surprises. I expected the Iron in our hay to be high, but I guess what is surprising is how far off … Continue reading

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