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Current feeds are Triple Crown Lite (a low starch product) and Triple Crown Senior

Updated feed and supplements

Some more changes to feed and supplements as I continue to refine things for Dante especially as I got the hay testing finished. I’ve removed the Grostrong 13 from his diet because it doesn’t really provide him anything that I’m … Continue reading

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Hay testing results back

I finally got my hay tests results back and discussed it with the Uckele rep. There weren’t any real surprises. I expected the Iron in our hay to be high, but I guess what is surprising is how far off … Continue reading

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Hay off for testing, supplement changes

I’ve sent off the hay for massive testing which includes ration balancing, selenium and starch analysis . This is hay baled on the same property where he has his own paddock/pasture so unlike when I’ve done this in the past where … Continue reading

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PSSM confirmed, where we go from here

I got Dante’s test results back today via email and it confirmed what I suspected – he is PSSM Type 1 positive: Perhaps it is my experience with Pepper and her Cushings, but I’ve been suspicious from Day 1. I … Continue reading

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Dante’s updated feed schedule

Remember, Dante has 24.7 access to grass pasture yet as we enter winter and the pasture dies back, I’ll be upping his Vit. E and his grain portion. For now he has a good weight and is getting a little … Continue reading

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