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Dead Lame

Dancer gave me a huge scare three days ago. She came up dead lame. We took off her hoof castings and because it was in the middle of the night it wasn’t possible until the next day to examine it … Continue reading

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Dancer gets another round of hoof castings

The first time we did hoof castings we had not cut the slipper toe back very far as we were worried she would go lame like she had in the past. Because of that I don’t think the progress, which … Continue reading

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Gravel screenings for better drainage around the Loafing Shed

When I moved to my current location 3+ years ago I paid for several improvements – one of those was adding gravel screenings inside my loafing shed and around the run off area. The 12 x 12 Loafing Shed was … Continue reading

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Dante’s hooves get a cast wrap

Dante has rather flat, pancake feet. While this apparently is found in draft horses, his overall appearance and the size of his hooves are not particularly draft (remember he is a Morgan x Frisian). The flatness of his sole does … Continue reading

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Dancer’s Hooves get another Hoof Casting Treatment

After doing a natural trim for years (Pete Ramey) we have not seen improvement in Dancer (aka Pandora’s) hooves like we wanted. The right foreleg is the most unsound due to laminitis and has a “slipper toe” but when trimmed … Continue reading

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Improving pony’s hooves (thrush, laminitis, founder)

For about the last five years I’ve been battling with Pandora’s hooves. I’m pretty sure she has foundered and most likely the coffin bone has rotated.¬†We would get her hooves starting to improve and then they would go right back … Continue reading

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Battling thrush and trimming frogs

One reason that Pandora is up in the stall area is because we are still battling hoof issues with her. The actual hooves are looking much better but with the wet, the frogs have gotten thrush. I have a video … Continue reading

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