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Great massage method to release physical blocks on your horse that is very easy to learn for the novice.

Implementing a training schedule (part 3)

Well, those recent posts were all well and good but how are you going to do this day to day? How do you even make this plan of Friendship-Liberty-Traditional? The first thing I do is create a list of what … Continue reading

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The many reasons for a smile (or licking)

Have you ever smiled to “be polite?” or smiled with your lips closed and your molars grinding? Smiled and laughed when your feelings were hurt by the joke? Smiles aren’t always about fun and joy and neither is a horse … Continue reading

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Rehab schedule, day by day

Upcoming Rehab schedule, blue has been done. Friday 3.17 Vet Visit ultrasound examination showed no more fluid buildup on right stifle. #1 shot Adequan (of 7 shot sequence over 28 days) Sunday 3.19 was not able to lift front legs … Continue reading

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Finally back to some sort of work

Dante seems sound enough to get back to some basic work. I still think he seems a little off but I’ll need a helper to trot him off so I can view him from behind and lately I’ve been on … Continue reading

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Masterson Method: working on the neck, withers, shoulders and forelegs

It’s not unusual even for experts, such as your equine vet, not to know where a horses’ pain originates especially if it is expressed as intermittent lameness. Doing regular bodywork massage with your horse can help you locate the issues … Continue reading

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Masterson Method: the hind end engine

This continues my series on the Masterson Method and today’s focus is on the hindquarters. The work on the hind end is more about touching certain points and waiting for the release then it is about traveling the fingers across … Continue reading

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Masterson Method: Bladder Meridian and the horse’s topline

Why I love the Masterson Method (equine bodywork system): 1.) Easy to learn and easy to apply; 2.) Non-invasive and unlike some extreme chiropractic work does not pop or crack joints so no need to worry about doing unintentional damage; … Continue reading

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