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Updates on the actual care of my horses.

Both ponies tested positive for Cushings disease

The test results for the ponies came back and both are positive for Cushing disease. At a baseline of 110, Dulce was 182 and Dancer was 462!! That wasn’t a surprise on Dulce but for Dancer, I guess that explains … Continue reading

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Dulce and Dancer get a vet visit

Today, the vet came by to draw blood on both ponies to conduct a test for Insulin Resistance and Cushings. Dancer came to me in January of 2005 and was the first of the horses I bought for my lesson … Continue reading

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Massage for Dante

Massage for him today. Something I had noticed and that was confirmed for me was he holds his releases and you need to back off when he starts to fidget and then he will release – he also will release … Continue reading

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It’s about a Brush…

Over the decades, I’ve discarded, lost or gave away horse equipment and tack. As my life changed and I felt more hopeless and sad (i.e. the death of Pepper, the problems with Z, the choice of euthanasia for Tristan), I pulled … Continue reading

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Adequan shot and Black 3

This last week, I noticed that Dante was less inclined to move, especially at trot. Saturday gave him his Adequan maintenance injection, and when I came out Sunday, he trotted in from the field. Do not think this is a coincidence. … Continue reading

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Dante’s Supplement update and worming

I’ve been horrible about the horse’s worming schedule. Today, I fed the ponies a feed through wormer as they can both be difficult to paste worm and this is very easy on them. I probably will end up switching them … Continue reading

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Pretty is as Pretty does

Sunday I had a rough day with Dante. We were back to lunging in his cavesson and he was also back to throwing a fit. Specifically, when asked to trot from a walk, he gave a buck and resistance and … Continue reading

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