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Selection, care, and use of tack (including saddles, bridles, halters, ropes, leads, and any equipment that is put upon the horse for training).

Horse Hack: Shortening Lunge Lines

I bought this lungeline from Jeffers and I really like it! It is has a soft feel in the hand which is really nice. It’s rather hard to describe but definitely I like it better then the other flat lines … Continue reading

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Dante is getting closer and closer to riding!

Yesterday, I didn’t work Dante very hard; he seemed tired (we had some thunderstorms blow through). At one point he stopped following me in the field, though he continue to watch me. When I came back around, he started to … Continue reading

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Barn design: My L-shaped dream barn

I had posted previously that I would most likely go with an L-shaped barn. Here is a to-scale plan and some thoughts on it: TACK ROOM: The 8′ x 16′ tack room is the north/NW wall. Those corner walls will be heavily … Continue reading

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A bit of the beginning

Since the downturn in weather and my out of state trip, will put me out of using Rugby Player this week, I decided that I will work with Z getting her used to a bit. I’ve wanted her started in a bitless … Continue reading

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results and stiffness

Finally, I am getting consistent time in working Z and she is responding. She is now working comfortably in her sidepull (a bitless bridle) though of course we still have a lot more training to do on how she is supposed to respond to … Continue reading

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introducing the sidepull

I’m already loving the sidepull! First it was a great price (about $65), then it came quicker then I expected, and now I’ve tried it on Z and it looks great as well as being super functional. At first Z … Continue reading

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My cheap sidepull

If you know BG then you know that he frets, he worries, he tucks his head and becomes overbent (like a piece of spaghetti) and toys with the bit, especially if he thinks he has done wrong or is nervous … Continue reading

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