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Can include emergencies and regularly schedule maintenance visits.

Two week vet followup for Dante

The vet returned today for a followup. She did another flexion test and thought he had improved about 50% on his stifle injury and had more reach with his hind legs. She also did a new ultrasound and was (pleasantly) … Continue reading

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Stifle update

The Vet came out Friday to examine Dante. She did a flexion test which is a pretty standard approach to start pinpointing where the lameness issues might be. During a flexion test, each joint of the leg is held in … Continue reading

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Vet visit scheduled

Finally was able to get a vet visit on Friday. We will probably end up doing a series of nerve blocks to determine where the lameness is. This is just the beginning of what I foresee as being a HUGE … Continue reading

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PSSM confirmed, where we go from here

I got Dante’s test results back today via email and it confirmed what I suspected – he is PSSM Type 1 positive: Perhaps it is my experience with Pepper and her Cushings, but I’ve been suspicious from Day 1. I … Continue reading

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Dante’s Dental gets wrapped up

A special day to get his cracked molar pulled.  I would have preferred to have trailered him to the vet but I don’t have a horse trailer so we agreed for her to bring her portable stocks here and do … Continue reading

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