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There’s a reason why Horse Traders are seen as scam artistis. Buying and selling can be difficult, costly and emotionally draining. My experiences, thoughts and advice on the subject.

ALCAR supplement for PSSM EPSM horse

Okay I goofed. When I got the Acetyl L Carnitine package from Uckele it states one scoop (which is 5 grams). I did that for four days and didn’t see any change. I got to thinking and it seemed that … Continue reading

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Buying from a trainer, instructor or trader…

Buying from a horse professional you think would be easy. But it’s fraught with it’s own dangers. If you buy a horse through a stable, broke, trainer etc…there is always a commission involved that you, as buyer, know nothing about. … Continue reading

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Before you get all excited – preliminary fact checking

It would be easy to fall in love. There’s a lot of beautiful horses out there. However, let’s take a step back. Before deciding to buy you have: 1.) Taken riding lessons or know how to ride. If you have … Continue reading

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little worksheet for z

So I slacked off in August in working Z. The weather was horrible and I can no longer function in the triple digit heat and high humidity. Both of us ended up getting heat sick numerous times this summer and … Continue reading

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blast from the past

I’ve got lots of horse stuff to sort through. Today, I listed some horse supplements that I no longer need now that Dee is back to her owner. Someone I knew faintly from my former life wanted them. She knows … Continue reading

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