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A horse I free-leased for approx. 10 months.

Dee returns home

Today, Dee returned home to her owner. I actually feel far more relieved then upset. She just wasn’t what I was expecting, and I needed to make the decision to re-train her or let her return to her owner. Priced … Continue reading

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to do what is right

Today, I made the decision to let Dee go back to her owner. You may remember she came to me on a free lease last August and while she is gorgeous horse (no doubt about that), she simply isn’t what … Continue reading

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Z’s chiropractor

Z had her monthly chiro visit… MUCH better — only tried to bite me twice and kick me four times. Improvements and everything! Seems she is finally holding the changes in her body. I did schedule her for December because … Continue reading

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Midline dermatitis

After reading Baba Yaga’s posts about Neckthread worms, I knew that both Dee and Z had issues with midline dermatitis. Double dose of Ivermectin (by weight), then 14 days later another double dose (by weight). 1st dose given today. I love this … Continue reading

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the changes with age

The temps have dropped dramatically to a level that is comfortable to be outside. After I wrapped up class, I left to the barn where I worked Z a bit and then rode Dee. I am not the person I used … Continue reading

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