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Riding Z myself

My earlier post about riding Z got deleted by accident – user error on that one. Thanks Kathy and Julian for your supportive comments. As readers know, Z went to the trainer last year for 120 days and then back … Continue reading

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Revelations demand a choice

Revelations and breakthroughs come with a choice: you can either enter the Labyrinth and fight your monster, or you can return home to your safe, ordinary life. When I’ve taught riding lessons, I’ve had student breakthroughs that were suddenly shut down … Continue reading

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Z Week Six: Slow and Easy

Because of the weird weather we have been having, the experts predict an intense tornado season. Jolly. This week the worst blew threw in a strange, silent way with no rainfall, building it’s momentum before slamming Missouri and then Illinois. … Continue reading

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Who’s a Rider? (part 1)

This post is about why Rugby Guy is riding Z and not me. After all I do have the riding experience to do what he is doing and I’m reaching a point where I need to take over the training … Continue reading

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Z: Week Three Consistency and Cantering

Over the last 30 odd years I’ve owned or leased horses, I’ve boarded them. As I’ve written before I also taught lessons. This has put me around a lot of horse owners, mostly hobby owners vs. those who compete for a … Continue reading

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