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Horse notes to self

I’m going to start this new thing where a few times a month I’ll jot down some things that have struck me about the training process that I want to remember but don’t really call for an entire blog post … Continue reading

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Playing Horse Ball, leveling up

I posted last month about introducing a large beach ball to the ponies and to Dante. The goal is to get them to free play by moving, kicking and chasing the ball. Benefits: Physically, the horse is determining the pace … Continue reading

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Ramener: the neck, the poll and the back

I mentioned earlier that I was playing around with Ramener so wanted to show you some video.┬áThis is only the first of a complicated exercise so I’ll have several more videos as Dante progresses. This is my take on this: … Continue reading

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Catching horses in the field

Here I will give three examples of different horses; all had a degree of disengagement with humans, from mild to severe. Dante – Morgan-Draft X was only ridden occasionally and was plucked out of field to be the grand kids … Continue reading

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We’ve had two weeks of a lot of rain, and only a day here or there that I got anything done with Dante. What little work I did do was a little clicker training with leg lifts, kicking the ball, … Continue reading

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Pretty is as Pretty does

Sunday I had a rough day with Dante. We were back to lunging in his cavesson and he was also back to throwing a fit. Specifically, when asked to trot from a walk, he gave a buck and resistance and … Continue reading

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Another training to-do list

Sometimes, let’s face it most times, my training calendar gets thrown off. Today, is the first day of sunshine in almost a week. And it looks like next week we are going to go back to rain. A problem I’m … Continue reading

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