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Information about Will Faerbers’ training system of using long and low to build the horses’ back and topline to strengthen the horse for riding and collection.

Ramener: the neck, the poll and the back

I mentioned earlier that I was playing around with Ramener so wanted to show you some video.¬†This is only the first of a complicated exercise so I’ll have several more videos as Dante progresses. This is my take on this: … Continue reading

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Dante’s winter training schedule

Knowing that Dante is PSSM1 has actually made me feel free of the worry about when we will get to riding. I now know there is a physical issue for him and it makes me more understanding that our time … Continue reading

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Gaining the right tempo

We are on fire today! Feeling a lot better about Dante after today and hopefully this signals an upward trend. About a month ago I noticed an issue – when Dante and I would do our ground work which required … Continue reading

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Rope Halters are a fake-out that people have bought into

I don’t like Rope Halters ¬†– they are trendy NH shit that in reality is a false premise that it provides a “light” contact. No, they don’t. The thinner rope acts as a wire on the nose; it easily twists … Continue reading

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Little by little, teaching proper biomechanics

When training a horse there are ups and downs. Days I feel we are making progress and he is getting it. Days that I’m like WTF? why isn’t he understanding or complying? This is just the nature of training; the … Continue reading

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