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Chunking down training tasks

(excuse the squealing in the above video, I’m trying to sound really excited! ha) Like I discussed in the last blog post, I’ve been re-examining my training on Dante. We need to move forward and we seemed to have gotten … Continue reading

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Free Play vs. Equipment Work

Before Dante was injured and work halted, I had noticed a big difference in his attitude when we did clicker training with a target and NO halter/cavesson on him, VS. when I did the same work with clicker and target, … Continue reading

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Leave ’em wanting more

One of the changes I’ve made with my training routine with Dante is using the concept of leaving him wanting more – not training to the brink of his endurance and mine, but backing off considerably on the time length … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2010 and good riddance

Generally, I don’t write reflective end of the year posts, and this year is one that I’m glad to see the backside of… however, in the spirit of the season, I’ll post some thoughts on 2010: My biggest insight¬†with the … Continue reading

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mimicking communication

After reading Gallop to Freedom (Pignon)¬†it got me thinking about using more mimicking play in my work with the horses. Pignon writes about how he will experiment with imitating the horses to see how they respond. While I’ve done a … Continue reading

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