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European Horse Trainer who burst upon the scene with his ground breaking book Dancing with Horses. Realzing your true self to gain a relationship with your horse is his foundation.

Chunking down training tasks

(excuse the squealing in the above video, I’m trying to sound really excited! ha) Like I discussed in the last blog post, I’ve been re-examining my training on Dante. We need to move forward and we seemed to have gotten … Continue reading

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How do you “Exist in the Moment”?

In my last post, I talked about the idea of being authentic and that part of this was existing in the moment. This morning I just had a problem this morning that shows what happens when you don’t live in … Continue reading

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Klaus Hempfling in Theory and Practice

These are my observations and application of the information and theories that Klaus Hempfling brings forth in his books: Dancing with Horses and What Horses Reveal. Its my plan to buy his It’s Not I Who Seek the Horse, and … Continue reading

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Free Play vs. Equipment Work

Before Dante was injured and work halted, I had noticed a big difference in his attitude when we did clicker training with a target and NO halter/cavesson on him, VS. when I did the same work with clicker and target, … Continue reading

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Gaining the right tempo

We are on fire today! Feeling a lot better about Dante after today and hopefully this signals an upward trend. About a month ago I noticed an issue – when Dante and I would do our ground work which required … Continue reading

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