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Any training that takes place without tack or attachments, generally in a large area where the horse can move away freely from the work. This differs from Roundpen training in that the horse has a larger area to move and can leave at any time.

Implementing a training schedule (part 3)

Well, those recent posts were all well and good but how are you going to do this day to day? How do you even make this plan of Friendship-Liberty-Traditional? The first thing I do is create a list of what … Continue reading

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Chunking down training tasks

(excuse the squealing in the above video, I’m trying to sound really excited! ha) Like I discussed in the last blog post, I’ve been re-examining my training on Dante. We need to move forward and we seemed to have gotten … Continue reading

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Free Play vs. Equipment Work

Before Dante was injured and work halted, I had noticed a big difference in his attitude when we did clicker training with a target and NO halter/cavesson on him, VS. when I did the same work with clicker and target, … Continue reading

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When the Horse dulled by humans Wakes Up

Most horse people are unaware that many horses used by humans in everyday riding have become dull – to survive they have tuned out most of what is going on around them. Horses generally want to get along so between … Continue reading

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Opening the Door: Great day with Dante

A little cooler and some cloud cover made it far more bearable to be out there at the barn. Dante did great! He loved following the target and was so eager, rather like a cat chasing a laser light! I … Continue reading

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