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Any training that takes place without tack or attachments, generally in a large area where the horse can move away freely from the work. This differs from Roundpen training in that the horse has a larger area to move and can leave at any time.

Mindfulness: Horse Meditation

Like I had written in an earlier post in this series, trainers who have success have an intent focus on the horse during the training process. This mindfulness – awareness of the moment – translates to the horse who reciprocates with full attention. The two of you synch and the dancing magic begins…. Continue reading

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I introduced Tiger to Little Girl today. There was no doubt in her mind that TIGER MUST DIE…Obviously, the killer instinct is right there on the surface ready to be aroused! She was finishing her dinner, so I took the … Continue reading

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Herding (Leading from Behind)

This week I saw a dog show where a Blue Heeler had become fixated on his humans feet in order to herd them; clearly he had gained power over the people in his life. However, rather then being cute, this fixation quickly escaluated to aggressive encounters. Continue reading

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Taking Territory & Leading from Behind

I’ve already described Taking Territory. We did this again and I could already notice a difference. She was far more in tune to where I was moving around her. Continue reading

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Teaching a pushy horse distance (claiming territory)

I can do all the “right’ moves – using energy, using voice, body posture, arms etc.. (have even tried waving my coat) and this filly DOES NOT BUDGE. She just looks at me like, “I know you don’t really want me to leave you, ever, and ever and ever!” Continue reading

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Introducing Tiger to Pony

One thing I instantly liked about the new Tiger Tool is that I can hold the target quite a distance from me but still have control of it’s movement. This really helps me with Pandora as she likes to keep too close to me… Continue reading

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Chasing the Tiger

It got me to thinking upon how, through the course of our traditional training, we suppress the horses’ natural joy of movement in order to obtain the desired result of responding to human driven commands. Continue reading

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