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With decades of experience, this horsewoman developed several methods to care, manage, change and train the horse: TTouch and TTeam. Entries with just Linda’s name are general; entries with TTouch or TTeam are specific to that type of work.

Easy to mix and match, the Linda Tellington Jones TTouches and TTeam for Horses

I’ve often mentioned Linda Tellington-Jones over the 10 years of this blogs existence. Since I gave a recap of my thoughts on Klaus Hempfling, I thought I would do the same with LTJ. First, I think she is way under … Continue reading

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Gaining the right tempo

We are on fire today! Feeling a lot better about Dante after today and hopefully this signals an upward trend. About a month ago I noticed an issue – when Dante and I would do our ground work which required … Continue reading

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Teaching a Horse to Stand Square

This is a simple exercise to teach and quickly shows results. The goal is to ask the horse to stand square each and every time you are working with them – whether it be at the wash rack, mounting block, … Continue reading

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Dante’s Cavesson ordered for lunging and in-hand work

I’ve ordered Dante a Cavesson in black leather with brass fittings that will fit his massive head! This one has a leather nosepiece instead of the metal type more commonly found which makes me feel more comfortable about using it. … Continue reading

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Clicker Training: Standing at the Mounting Block

One of the interesting things that happened when Dante realized I was going to allow him a bit of freedom to say NO, was a reluctance to stand still at the mounting block. No, he isn’t afraid of it. He knows exactly … Continue reading

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