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Often called a cordeo, it is a loose cord fitted at the base of the horse’s neck and is used during riding and liberty work to provide guidance to the horse from the Trainer or Rider.

Balking solution: controlling the feet

I’ve written about Z’s tendency to balk. This is her natural response to being asked to move forward when she doesn’t want too. You could also call this a physical brace. I wanted to get this worked out on the … Continue reading

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training increments

Now that Z has been home, watching her being ridden and riding her myself, my plan on her training has become clearer to me. My purpose on sending her to RH has been accomplished – she knows about having a … Continue reading

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neckrope in the large arena

I decided to work Z with the neckrope in the large arena as well as start working with ground poles and caveletti. I continue to be fascinated with the neckrope vs. the halter and how it effects the horses movement, … Continue reading

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Understanding begins…

I am standing on the brink  of great understanding. Things are becoming clearer in the work and a depth that I have been searching for is being realized. Things that I have not grasped, that elusive star out of reach, … Continue reading

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Z with the neckrope

I had a wonderful day today with the horses and have much to report back to you… Even though it was hot hot hot – and 100 by 11 a.m. 😦 Anyway let’s focus on the good. First, after doing … Continue reading

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