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A trainer and rider who helped develop Centered Riding techniques, but now has her own method of working with the horse. Combines well with CR and with Linda Tellington-Jones TTeam work.

Lessons in Relaxation

One reason I journal or blog is to keep records of my thoughts and training as it progresses with the horses. In swiffering the journal recently, I had the opportunity to really contemplate Z’s history and the progress she has … Continue reading

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Intuitive Explorations with bodywork

Z and I are continuing to grope about for some sort of mutual understanding. I’ve reduced her actual work sessions to 30 minutes which are a 100 percent, concentrated focus by her and me on simple, but intense, tasks. We’ll be back … Continue reading

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Intro to Masterson Method bodywork for horses

I’ll be posting a lot about this, in pieces, over the next week or so. I’d recommend buying the book/dvd package as, for the price ($57.65), you are getting a LOT! For example, a horse riding lesson easily runs between … Continue reading

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Puzzle Pieces

I ordered Masterson Method  video/book combo. I don’t remember where I heard about his bodywork for horses – probably some Youtube videos which blew me away. As my regular readers know, I’m a cynical hmmm *person*. I’m a scoffer with … Continue reading

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Equipment I use (and why and when)

I’m a bit late posting this but life has gotten a hold of me this week. Halter: I prefer a traditional halter. I use a halter in my leading exercises and obviously to do work around the horse such as … Continue reading

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