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The use of the Roundpen in training of horses based upon methods used by Gawani Ponyboy, John Lyons, Monty Roberts, etc…

Z’s training update

I had posted a shortlist of what I would be working on with Z. She is now going calmly at walk and trot under the saddle. I think the rushing was due to the roundpen work she received when she … Continue reading

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more about round pen sessions

A few weeks back I did some round pen sessions with Z that were videotaped for another person to view. For some time, I have not felt totally comfortable with the “how and why” of the round pen. I felt … Continue reading

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Intuition or What is Right

I’ve been pondering the problem that is Z (rather like the old Sound of Music melody of Maria~How do you solve a problem like Maria?). While Ride the Right Horse did give me further insight into the mind of a … Continue reading

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ground driving 2-lines

I’ve been working with Z on ground driving. We started with one line and have graduated with two, but are still working on walk, move on, halt, back and turn cues in the round pen.

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Round pen: more tension

Working a horse, without any tack, in the round pen is one of the quickest ways to finding out information about your horse. If you ever go horse shopping, try to work the horse in this manner to really learn … Continue reading

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