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There’s a reason why Horse Traders and Horse Trainers are thought as being scammers… it’s always Buyer Beware.

The many reasons for a smile (or licking)

Have you ever smiled to “be polite?” or smiled with your lips closed and your molars grinding? Smiled and laughed when your feelings were hurt by the joke? Smiles aren’t always about fun and joy and neither is a horse … Continue reading

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Thanks but no thanks

People are trouble. It’s why I have a policy of non-involvement with people at the barn and their horse issues. That policy was bent when I agreed to help R with her horse (we shall call Spotty) who arrived at … Continue reading

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The Sentimentality of Seeking the Wrong Horse

Why do owners and riders pick unsuitable horses for themselves? This is a Big Problem in the Horse World.  Hempfling states in What Horses Reveal that he notices he picks horses that are either very much like himself or very much opposite. … Continue reading

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People still buying the Snake Oil

Sunday morning I woke up before hubby so surfed about reading up on some new horse blogs. One of them intrigued me enough to keep digging deeper until I ran across a video she posted of her trainer working her … Continue reading

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toolbox training

Because I’ve been a bit testy lately in the blog, I think I will review some of the Big Name Trainers and how I personally use them (if I do) in my toolbox. Yes, I do sometimes have a Cafeteria … Continue reading

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