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Horse Ideology is my primary blog to document my personal doings with my horses. It’s also the most opinionated with my views upon horse trainers, horse business, training and care.

Blogs I follow:

Online Advice:

Youtube Channels I recommend:

Bookshelf Recommendations:

on HealthCare

The Complete Equine Veterinary Manual by Tony (BVSC, MRCVS) and Marcy Pavord

Lameness by Christine King (BVSC, MACVSC) and Richard Mansmann (VMD, Ph.d)

Keeping the Older Horse Young by Eleanor Kellon (VMD)

Horse Conformation by Juliet Hedge (DVM)

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You by Pete Ramey

Equine Supplements and Nutraceuticals by Eleanor Kellon (VMD).

on Riding

Centered Riding 2 by Sally Swift

100 Ways to Improve your Riding by Susan McBane

Let’s Ride! by Linda Tellington-Jones

Ride from Within by James Shaw (Tai Chi on Horseback)

Learning to Ride using Sports Psychology by Petra and Wolfgang Holzel

on Dressage

A Horsemans’ Notes by Erik Herbermann

Dressage Formula by Erik Herbermann

Dressage Tips and Training Solutions by Petra and Wolfgang Holzel

Riding in Lightness by Mark Russell

The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse by Charles deKunffy

Training Strategies for Dressage Riders by Charles deKunffy

The Complete Training of Horse and Rider by Alois Podhajsky

on innovative Training Ideals

The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book by Linda Tellington-Jones

True Horsemanship Through Feel by Bill Dorrance with Leslie Desmond

Dancing with Horses by Klaus Hempfling

What Horses Reveal by Klaus Hempfling

Gallop to Freedom by Magali Delgado and Frederic Pignon (Cavalia)

The Less-then-Perfect Horse by Jane Thelwall

Straightening the Crooked Horse by Gabriell Rachen-Schoneich and Klaus Schoneich

Philosophy (often autobiographical)

My Horses, My Teachers by Alois Podhajsky

Riding Towards the Light by Paul Belasik

on Horsekeeping

The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining and Servicing a Horse Trailer by Neva Kittrell Scheve with Thomas G. Scheve

3 Responses to Need Help?

  1. mel says:

    Empowered Horses by Imke Spilke

  2. Kathy says:

    I’ve only gotten a few chapters read in Dominique Barbier’s “Dressage for the New Age,” but I already recommend it.

    But, I wonder if being attracted to reading certain books is like being attracted to attending certain churches. You attend the one that says what you want to hear.

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