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Z with the neckrope

I had a wonderful day today with the horses and have much to report back to you… Even though it was hot hot hot – and 100 by 11 a.m. 😦 Anyway let’s focus on the good. First, after doing … Continue reading

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Some for me; some for you

We all make mistakes and I wouldn’t want mine held against me so it’s not fair for me to hold it against Z either. Yesterday, after the bucking episode I used the roundpen to get her to stay at the … Continue reading

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Our Presence Speaks to the Horse

Yesterday, during some of my liberty work with all three of the horses, an incident occurred that gave me a thought I wanted to share here. ZZ pinned her ears and chased Pandora, because of wanting to dominate the interaction … Continue reading

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Sheep and Horses

There’s a new video of Hempfling working an 11 year old stallion: The cutest thing on this video is at 2:04 with the sheep. SOOOO CUTE! following with their tails waving like the horse. The sheep are SCENE STEALERS! Some of … Continue reading

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Country Lane with Pony

Here is a photo of working Pandora today in a Leading from Behind or driving position. I just slip to her side, and then behind her, as she continues to go forward. Note the very slack leadrope. If you can’t … Continue reading

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