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my morning

At 5 a.m. I woke up to a thundering heart, tears in my eyes, and the memory of a horrible nightmare far too clear in my mind. From seemingly nowhere, I had a dream that the BO was transporting Z … Continue reading

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This dream was only part of a larger dream. At this part, hubby and I had gone through a rather bad neighborhood and were in some sort of auditorium sitting on folding chairs. We were waiting for a performance to begin … Continue reading

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The other morning I had a nightmare. This isn’t unusual for me however, it has stuck with me for several days. In the dream I was at a busy stable. I had just hitched Dear One to a post and … Continue reading

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Moments of Joy

Earlier this week, while I was doing my chores I had let Little Girl and Pandora out to the alley. This alley is gated at both ends and allows them to talk over the fence to their Arabian friend, Raja. Little … Continue reading

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a dream of hope

I woke up from a very real dream of Dear One. It wasn’t based on anything that has happened for us – she was at a strange place and I reached over the gate to remove her halter. The dream’s reality was … Continue reading

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