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switch is flipped

Here is a recap of the second day of trailer training – it was an adventure 😮 – First 15 minutes, Z did very well. She willingly came up to the trailer and quickly put her two feet up on … Continue reading

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When Love Hurts…

Z has gone back to attacking BigT. The BO had gone into the pasture to pet BigT and Z slowly walked up, turned and doublebarreled him as calmly as if she was asking for the time. Here’s the issue, as I … Continue reading

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The Student’s (Horse) Attitude

If you were teaching, what child would you want? The child who, when you show up, gives a big sigh, slowly pulls out his schoolbooks, and then finds a million excuses (i.e. going to the bathroom, sharpening the pencil, needing … Continue reading

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Dealing with Apathetic Horses

I’ve come to believe that the very first step in a training program with the horse is to instill a curiousity. Since horses are naturally curious animals this should be an easy prospect however, not so fast. Here are some … Continue reading

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Training with Grooming

One of the things I need to impress here about what I did – I did not punish her for her for expressing her feelings. She was allowed to run, rear, snort, blow or whatever as long as she did not enter my zone. Continue reading

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