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A struggling spring flower

For whatever reason, much stuff has been internally shifting this last month. I haven’t wanted to post about it because these emerging feelings are still very fragile. When I started off the established path about 17 years ago, I’ve struggled to … Continue reading

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the pleasure of horses

Being with the horses gives me the most pleasure I’ve ever had in my life. This includes my relationship with my husband or my children. I’m sorry if they take that as insult, but horses provide me something that human … Continue reading

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my morning

At 5 a.m. I woke up to a thundering heart, tears in my eyes, and the memory of a horrible nightmare far too clear in my mind. From seemingly nowhere, I had a dream that the BO was transporting Z … Continue reading

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A box you can’t ship

When there is something painful you don’t want to face, you can just put it in a box. The box doesn’t need a lock or a closet or cord to tie it. You simply don’t think about it – which … Continue reading

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shattering opened hearts

Emotionally, things have been tough. Although the ingredients to this maelstrom have been brewing for some time, I’ve wondered how much of it may be due to Dee’s arrival? Which I don’t regret, but when you have kept yourself as … Continue reading

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the dark side of joy

Finally visited the horses. It took hubby’s help to get me going. I was reluctant because the last two weekends I’ve bumped into people I’m trying to avoid. Because of privacy concerns, I don’t want to delve too deeply into … Continue reading

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The other morning I had a nightmare. This isn’t unusual for me however, it has stuck with me for several days. In the dream I was at a busy stable. I had just hitched Dear One to a post and … Continue reading

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