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horse grooming cuteness

When I let ZZ out to the alley she runs over to the gate so she and R (the Arabian neighbor) can start grooming each other. It’s obvious they love to be playmates, chasing each other side by side down … Continue reading

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Good day… with horses

Had a great time with the horses today, primarily Mr. Tee. I finally had some real time to do HORSE THINGS and not Construction Things or Make Things or Errand Things.  Although Hubby did work on getting my caveletti reassembled and I … Continue reading

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Training with Grooming

One of the things I need to impress here about what I did – I did not punish her for her for expressing her feelings. She was allowed to run, rear, snort, blow or whatever as long as she did not enter my zone. Continue reading

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Big Guy’s Great Ride

I don’t know if it was the saddle, the massage/chiro work, Hubby’s Reiki, having time off or what but he was really, really forward. Actually, it was more forward then I felt comfortable with! Continue reading

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