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Roundpen work for ZZ

Before the rain hit (yes, it is indeed raining again!), I got some time to play with horses yesterday. After months of working with ZZ with leading exercises, clicker training and lots of getting-to-know-each-other and what-I-allow-and-what-I-don’t, I thought we would … Continue reading

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Activate: Balancing – advanced (3)

Balancing exercises from the dvd Activate your Horses’ Core by Dr. Hilary Clayton and Dr. Narelle Stubbs. This is one in a series of notes I’ve written to record my horses’ progress. Disclaimer: I highly recommend you consult your vet and chiropractor first, … Continue reading

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Building back (first ride since the fracture)

First ride on Big Guy in probably over a year. He’s been on rest for 7 months since the pelvis fracture and the three months before that we were in a temporary boarding situation that did not have a safe … Continue reading

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Experimenting at the Walk

I am trying to be more creative with the work that I am doing with Big Guy. It’s rather hard because it all needs to be done at a walk and he’s still building himself back from his injury (pelvis … Continue reading

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Half Halt groundwork

Main goals at this point is to get him to half halt with my body language and signals, while free lunging, and being reinforced by the clicker. I can get half halts from the saddle but they take a lot … Continue reading

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