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mouth update and more fence down

It’s been two months (about 10 weeks) since BigT got kicked in the mouth by his girl, Z. Here is what it looked like right after the fight: Sorry for the blur, he really didn’t want his mouth handled that day … Continue reading

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T’s mouth – 1 month since kick by Z

His mouth is still sore, but no smell and the teeth have moved into better placement. If we don’t have anything that is impacted or cracked, then rasping should fix his issues. It’s healed a lot better then I would … Continue reading

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update on mouth

Wow! BigT’s mouth is healing nicer then I could ever expect (never mind the green stuff – that is his chopped alfalfa). The line of his teeth won’t need as much filing as I had initially thought. Fingers crossed that … Continue reading

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injection site reactions

After I gave the horses’ their shots, both developed some pancake thick, about the palm of my hand size, lumps where the injections were. So I thought maybe I had screwed it up. Today, I had a chance to talk … Continue reading

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Z’s injury update

She has one more day of penicillin. Thankfully, T is finished. Both horses are very tired of being poked. I hosed her off, sprayed her down with flyspray, rasped her front hooves, and then treated her wound again with Underwoods … Continue reading

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