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The Big Man surprises (again)

Rode my TB, Big Guy today. I wasn’t expecting much as he has had soundness issues all summer due to injuries and all the post- pelvic fracture rides has shown clear unevenness that I figured was here to stay. However, … Continue reading

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Big Guy seemed off so in addition to checking out his mouth (healed perfectly, nothing needs to be done), Dr. Cowgirl, also checked his right hind. Basically, sound. Perhaps some arthritis but back to work. What a Scam Artist!

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mouth update and more fence down

It’s been two months (about 10 weeks) since BigT got kicked in the mouth by his girl, Z. Here is what it looked like right after the fight: Sorry for the blur, he really didn’t want his mouth handled that day … Continue reading

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vet visit

Last week BigT came up lame on the right hind – the same area of the pelvic fracture. After five days of Bute and stall rest, it did not improve so I had scheduled the vet to look at him … Continue reading

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Pony visitation

On the day I was moving Pandora, she seemed a little off to me (meaning not stepping through). Once she got moved over, the new place BO told she thought she was a little off and observing her, I thought … Continue reading

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